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On this video we show you how to build bigger biceps FAST!

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This FUN and FAST single song workout is perfect for someone without a lot of time – or someone who wants to make their own playlist and a few of these for a full sweat session. Tone those shoulders and biceps with a quick, burning session!

In this session we will do:

* Bicep curls
* Single arm L shoulder presses
* Dumbbell punches

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How to get bigger biceps in 7 days

When flexing your muscles, do you lift your arms and flex your biceps as well?

Biceps is commonly the first muscle that crosses the mind when flexing as it plays a huge part in developing strong, sculpted arms.

Sure, muscles grow and develop at various rates for various people.

Nonetheless, a one week to kick start your routine is applicable for everyone.

What’s our secret?

You just need the right combination of three things: exercise, diet, and rest, which we will be discussing more next so keep watching.

In today’s video, we will be going over the ways to get bigger biceps in 7 days.

1. Exercising your way to bigger biceps
The muscles need resistance training to grow, and your biceps are certainly exempted from this rule.

To achieve bigger biceps, you need to perform arm exercises that will increase the size and strength of your muscles.

Your old pal biceps curls aren’t enough.

For quicker progress, use concentration curls, instead.

Other good arm exercises you should incorporate are barbell curls, chin-ups, and cable curls.

When doing these moves, use as little momentum as you can and minimize the swing in your arms.

This way, your muscles will do all the work.

After you’ve mastered these bicep exercises, increase the workload of your muscles. You can do this by adding more sets and reps and lifting more weights.

2. Eating your way to bigger biceps
Just as the time spent in the gym, the time you spend in the kitchen is also important if you want to build your biceps.

Eating enough carbs, protein, and fat in every meal is a crucial ingredient to your bigger bicep formula.

Protein, in particular, is very important and you’ll need to consume more than the recommended daily intake to foster muscle growth.

Carbs very much matter too as these are turned into glycogen, which will then be used for energy when exercising.

Opt for whole grains and starchy vegetables for your carbs intake.

Lastly, healthy fats are another good source of energy.

Your total daily calories should be 20 to 35% healthy fats.

Nuts, fatty fish, and avocado are some of the great sources of healthy fats.

3. Resting your way to bigger biceps
Sleep and recovery are important components of any well-rounded bicep training routine or just workout in general.

To let your biceps grow efficiently, you need to give your muscles a break.

Sleep deprivation or even poor quality sleep can hold back your muscles from growing all out.

When asleep, the body produces human growth hormone, which aids in muscle growth.

The blood flow to your muscles also increases and your body can have time to repair the damaged tissues from all those hardcore workouts.

This tissue damage control is especially at its peak during non-rapid eye movement sleep.

Building bigger biceps in a week is a good start.

Of course, the result after a week will not be as noticeable as when working out for a month.

Nonetheless, if you stick with those habits, you’ll achieve your bicep goals in no time.

If you have something to add, or maybe a question for us, comment them below.


Get 21 inch Biceps "Build Your Own Workout" John Meadows

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So you want to get big 21 inch arms. This is the video for you. You can do this workout with the triceps workout as well. You will see that we have cut out phase 2. Give this bicep workout a try and let me know how crazy the pump was.

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Muscle Building Workout DAY 5 | Back, Lats & Biceps | Yatinder Singh

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Building bigger biceps is top of many men’s gym wish list. But you only need to look around the next time you’re in the weights room to realise that their wishes haven’t come true. One of the main reasons is that sticking to simple dumbbell biceps curls every time you work out just won’t get the job done. Your body is very good at adapting quickly to what you ask it to do, so to force your biceps to grow bigger and stronger you need to push them outside of their comfort zone and shock them into growth. Read on for four moves that promise faster gains, world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin’s advanced exercises that build bigger biceps, followed by top advice on how to make your biceps training more effective. But first…

Don’t go too heavy
“Your arms take a beating when you go heavy on back and chest days, so you don’t need to lift heavy weights when training the biceps or triceps directly,” says Ventura. “In fact, I like to go light but do a lot of reps. Take biceps curl – at the end of a session I use a pair of light dumbbells to do 60 biceps curls without rest to get a huge pump. You can do it with cable rope triceps press-downs too – it’s a great arms-building finisher to end a workout.”

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My 5 Best Tips to Build Big Biceps Faster Via Science

My 5 best tips to build big biceps faster via science. How to grow bigger arms! I was certainly not gifted with great genetics for arms but via science and effort, I grew them somewhat respectably. Here is how! Visit

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