Quarantine Home Biceps Builder (as good as gym)

*Closed caption is available in this video* ▷Connect with Me Instagram: Facebook: How I Really Build My Body: Physique Disclaimer: Throughout my fitness journey. I did not achieve this physique by doing these exercises alone. This video is just a demo, specially made for those who can’t go to the gym or…

*Closed caption is available in this video*

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Physique Disclaimer: Throughout my fitness journey. I did not achieve this physique by doing these exercises alone. This video is just a demo, specially made for those who can’t go to the gym or do not have any gym equipment at home. Are these exercises still useful? In general, absolutely yes (and I’m doing them now for almost a month). Facts, Speaking about Muscle Hypertrophy, imo it is still better to train with Dumbbells and Barbells. Bodyweight at home might not be the best for growth but hey, done is better than none. Get it done first! My coaching program:

Video disclaimer:

The exercises and workouts provided in this video are for educational purposes only and are not to be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, or course of action.

Before beginning this or any exercise program, please consult a physician for appropriate exercise prescription and safety precautions.

The exercise instruction and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation.

As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you begin to feel faint, dizzy, or have physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and consult a physician.

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– Hey guys, what’s up?
Today I wanna teach you
how to maximize your gains
for your biceps.
And this workout is so effective
it’s as good as training in the gym.
A bucket, a pail, right?
And you have to load it up and do a curl.
Now this looks very simple,
everybody can do it,
however, today I got a few tips
that can actually maximize your technique
using this to improve your growth.
So first of all, as usual,
you’re gonna load up with water.
I recommend you to load up like 20% first
because you wanna start light.
And if you still remember
this from my previous video,
I actually still kept the water, and yeah.
So load it up only like 15%-20%,
because biceps are smaller muscles.
It’s different from back,
you can’t go too heavy.
And you always wanna warm up.
So using a lighter intensity is great.
So here are the steps you
can improve your curl,
rather than just curling like that.
All right, number one, a lot
of people curl like this,
whether on a pail of
water, a gallon of water,
or even baggage.
However, I find that doing
this is not sufficient enough,
all right, because number
one, range of motion, right?
What happens if I keep my arm straight?
Nothing wrong in a gym, but
if I keep my arm straight,
you see, this bucket, the
pail, will block my forearms,
and then I will have a
restricted range of motion.
Instead of curling like this,
I’m gonna keep my arms backward instead.
Now when I keep my arms
backward there’s a problem.
Not enough tension at the top, right?
So the solution for this
is you have to hinge
your body a little bit.
Keep your body hinged a little bit,
and using your opposite
arm, clinch your fist,
put on your stomach,
and you place your elbow
above your palms, right?
So right here, you wanna
support your elbow,
it’s like doing a preacher curl, and curl.
So giving this hinge actually helped me
to have a little bit more range of motion
without too early like this,
to block my range of motion.
Right, the bucket and my forearm.
Number two is when you recover,
probably the bucket
will just hit your legs.
So instead of doing like this,
I would like to just take a step back.
It’s like a strong, athletic stance.
And step backward, hinge forward,
and this allows me to go all the way down,
with more range of motion, all right?
And then curl, okay,
so this is how it works.
The normal, common
mistakes is stabilization.
So when you do, try not to
move your elbow back and forth.
So this is why you need
to use your opposite fist,
as a supporter, right?
The second common mistake
is actually your forearms.
Like this, I see a lot of
people when they do their curl,
it’s like this.
Doing this, you use a lot of forearms
and overtime because of
shortening in your forearm
extending and shortening, 10 reps is okay,
but what if you do this for
months over months and years?
You will get elbow injuries.
So always keep your forearm straight.
Keeping your forearm straight
will use a lot of wrist power also,
but this is how we develop a strong wrist.
Another part is extreme, too much of this.
Well, this way actually
helps you to use more biceps.
Because you’re taking away
the forearm’s pressure
but putting in more pressure
for your biceps to do the lift.
Like this.
However, I still don’t
recommend people to do this,
because there is a load,
there is a load here,
overtime you will get
uncomfortable wrists.
Because you have to remember
that you also will be
doing other exercises,
such as a burpee, push-up.
A lot of this movement,
overtime will cause injuries.
So my recommendation is
keep your wrists tight
in a straight line.
So one thing about
curling a pail of water,
is you don’t wanna grip too tight.
Because this is different from dumbbell.
Dumbbells they have rollers,
some dumbbells have it.
All right, but this if you grip too tight,
it just makes things uncomfortable.
So you want to just let
it loose a little bit,
go with the flow, not too
tight, just about 60% effort.
Use your mind to think about the muscles.
Let your muscles do the lift.
And that way you’ll get a nice flow
and it feels more comfortable.
Okay, you can feel free to get
a hand towel to wrap around
for a more comfortable
grip, it’s up to you.
So to build biceps,
there’s always two different angles.
The outer angle, and the inner angle.
So the outer angle trains
the inner short head.
And that is here.
And the inner angle
creates the outer head.
So it’s always the opposite.
In, out,
out, in.
All right, so the outer head
is what they call a long head.
From this angle, when
you’re relaxed your bicep,
if you have outer head
your bicep will look bigger
while relaxed, it’s like
no intentional flexing.
All right, so both,
this is very important,
so it’s about the angle.
So what you can do with this training
is you can do it with different angles.
Number one, if you are in a rush in time,
you can just stick to one
angle, and that is this.
All right, this is the neutral angle.
However, if you have trouble
gaining your arm size
I strongly recommend you
to do this variation.
Variations number one is curling outside.
Instead of curling neutral,
you wanna curl outside.
This will hit the short head.
Once again, not like that,
you wanna just hinge a little
bit for more range of motion.
See the bucket is straight.
So outward, and do this one
outward for about eight reps.
And then switch to inward,
because now you wanna train the long head.
Inward, however, position
has to be changed,
because your body curls inward,
this doesn’t work, this
stance doesn’t work,
because you are limiting range of motion.
You have to change to a
wide, athletic stance.
Because here you can still maintain
the same range of motion at the bottom
but curl inward this time.
You see?
You can do this.
Once your done, the other side.
All right, outward, eight reps, okay.
And then inward.
So an alternative way
to replace the bucket
is just get your baggage, all right?
It can be small or large,
but small, more range of motion.
So just load up your baggage
with bottles of water,
or whatever works for you.
And grab the handle.
This same setup, opposite
arm, clinch your fist,
big step back, hinge forward a little bit,
and do a curl.
Once again, same applies to the forearms.
Make sure that you are
loose enough yet solid.
You don’t want to just hold too tight,
because you wanna curl with
a nice and smooth motion.
So here is another
variation I wanna show you
that works your biceps.
And this is actually a time saver.
So instead of curling one by one,
you can actually use both arms.
But both arms doesn’t
really work like this.
Well, it works, for close grip,
but sometimes you want to
go out wide with both arms.
So what you can do for here is
you wanna get a long towel.
Then from your long
towel, you wanna make sure
that everything nice, like this.
You can just do a few turns,
make sure they are solid.
And now, you need to place your bucket,
make sure the handle is
straight, in a straight line,
and wrap around them like this.
Before I start, since you
are curling with both arms,
you should add up the intensity.
And it is so easy, just
add the water at 50%.
And yeah, this is actually
a little bit more than 50%.
For a long towel like this,
curling on pail of water,
the range of motion is bad.
Now the reason why you
wanna use a longer towel
is because you want to
do this, and that is,
fold inward, inward, inward, and do this.
Because this, we use less
forearms but more biceps.
And one thing, when you curl
make sure that they are equal.
It’s not like this, right?
Make sure they are balanced.
A good way is to take it
around, you can do another fold,
like this, to balance things out.
And this method will
also help if your towel
is a little bit too long.
To improve the range of motion.
So here, inward, there we go, curl.
So sometimes, when you’re curling halfway,
you notice that this happens.
It’s okay, just put the pail
on the floor and readjust.
Calibrate, and repeat.
So the same rules, just keep
your elbow close to you.
But this time, you’re not
able to support your elbow
so you have to really tuck in your elbow
to your ribcage, slight hinge, and curl.
But for this, you have to do
it in a controlled movement
because if you curl too fast,
you will just move out of control
and you lose balancing.
We don’t want this to happen with you.
So you wanna make sure that
you are nice and controlled.
I recommend you to pause at the top
for like half a second, all the way down,
feel the stretch, half
a second, and repeat.
So if you have trouble doing this,
because of the range of motion,
you can get a block or bricks.
So stand on top, this will
improve your range of motion.
Okay, now I’ve got more range of motion,
so the bucket just won’t touch the floor.
So the additional tip to
improve this exercise is,
when you do this exercise,
don’t just curl like this,
make sure you curl outward.
Make sure to straighten the
towel at the top, like this.
Try to straighten the towel,
which helps you to use more biceps.
All right, just try to
straighten, and it’s not easy.
Because this will force
you to use supination.
Because when you try
to straighten a towel,
this happens, supination
will fire up the short head,
especially the short head even more.
So the same thing if you
wanna train your long head,
also known as the hammer curl.
You can use a neutral grip instead.
A long towel will also work.
So you wanna fold inward again,
like this, keeping it straight.
So from here, just curl inward
instead of curling outward.
This will train the
long head of the biceps.
And in addition, if you wanna train
and work more of your grip and forearms,
you can choose to use a
shorter towel, just like this.
And instead of wrapping
around, just hold like this.
And do a curl.
Shorter range of motion,
for shorter towel.
But this will work a lot of your grip.
I think it’s a very good training also
for your forearms at the
same time, your biceps.
Okay, so it’s up to you to choose,
whether you want to go
for pure bicep isolation,
or you wanna go for overall
biceps and grip training.
Okay, so there you have it.
This is how I train my biceps at home.
By just doing this demo, my
arms are already pumped up.
I felt like a real workout.
So to recap back, you can
do a single arm neutral grip
curling out, or curling inward.
I strongly recommend you to
do almost a super set version.
Curling outward for five to eight reps,
no rest, then curl inward
five to eight reps.
That’s one working set.
Also depends on your goal.
If you have a stubborn
outer arms, the long head,
you can curl inward first
this is where you are the strongest,
and then curl outward.
Or just curl neutral, in a
neutral position, it’s all good.
You can always use baggage
if you do not have a bucket of water.
Load up with weight, and
use both arms on a bucket.
On a pail, both arms
version also works well,
the feeling is like curling a barbell.
And you save a lot of time.
Feel free to implement every single grip.
Wide grip, close grip, and
even the forearms variation.
Worst comes to worst, if
you have nothing at home,
you can always feel free
to just curl with a towel.
Just like this.
Using your body weight,
stepping, and just curl.
This is in my previous video.
Please check it out.
So last of all, how many
reps and how many sets
you should do for these exercises.
I recommend that you start with
at least three working sets.
For left and right, three sets.
Three sets outward,
three sets neutral grip,
three sets, you should do it like this,
because you wanna save your forearms,
or you wanna train your
forearms, three sets,
or even if you’re doing a body
weight version, three sets.
And repetitions, I would
say try to do 15 reps.
If you can do more than 15
reps, add the intensity.
Add up the water.
Make sure you hit about
80%-90% of your max.
And make sure to feel your biceps.
And I’m pretty sure you will feel biceps.
Thank you for watching, and
I’ll see you in the next video.

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