HOW TO BUILD BIG BICEPS | My top three exercises

This video has been highly requested!! My full guide on how to build bigger biceps, in today‚Äôs video I am going to share with you guys some arm training wisdom I have learned for quick and effective results while also showing you my top three personal favourite big bicep building exercises… get comfy tune it and remember to smash that subscribe button with your now massive biceps…

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how to build a figure out study question before we jump into that I’m Jordan berry welcome to the channel if you know smash that subscribe button if you’re not welcome back so yeah though I’m only four times down on the screen for the actual workout so I’m going to talk about some factors actually going to good bigger biceps let’s begin so first things first we even step foot into the gym don’t worry yourself better work out your ideas get your nutrition on tracks what meant by this is you need to be in a calorie surplus your body to put on muscle your body’s not a surplus you could get to be not put on muscle unless you’re on some crazy steroids article which I know majority or not myself so yeah nutrition I’m gonna make a full video very very soon as I’m just up above myself so I’m very very very early days and above the GT leagues have gotten to you patents Beach the barrel to be alright that’s the to actual arm placement saw me but this is majority of people go to the gym and train biceps but their arms their elbows preparing their body at home fun some of them do like issue bicep go Hanako gamma cable cable goes your elbow is next July second we’ve got body so grab your knees and the elbows next to your body in the exact same position just training you meant by an ideal if you want arm out in front peak bicep by the course then ideally on below in your lower peak you want to mix up the on placements whereas if you’re only training in mid bicep you’re only hitting one portion of your bicep it’s free heads so last the final tip shoulders if you can start training shoulders and what would be a muscle I promise you that really fills out your arms and cranes I’ve never lose them bigger biceps I promise you it really does but I think I made the steady buys it just tries it massive massive improvements as I’ve been pretty much class on but in between line or symmetry that we die I have my shoulders of size five months should come in to grab the zombies very business so yeah boom one of my top three tips you guys okay so we have made it to the gym exercise number one is a standing dumbbell bicep curl the Q this is try and keep your form as strict as possible and if you’re a beginner looking to kind of start off attempting it I’d recommend doing it seated as you can’t really get any momentum while seated takes all the swinging out of it so yeah nice and concentrated and a little tip for you at the top if you kind of emphasize your pinky and run squeeze it into your chest I know it’s a weird thing to say but squeeze it into your chest you kind of feel more contraction on it more like a van emphasis on the actual top peak of the bicep so get that a go on to exercise to notice all my personal favorites single arm concentrated dumbbell curl the key with this is really focus on bringing it down nice and slowly to try and engage those biceps where you’re trying to break and tear down the fibers and the muscles nice and slow they and then the good finger this is quite hard to go wrong wanna see as you’re supported so any beginner looking to kind of go from there top of course this is working the higher portion as I said previously I recommend giving this one a go on to exercise number three this is a extreme D client bicep curl the key of this is to set the bench up and a slight incline so as you sit on it your elbows will fall naturally behind your body and what that will do is allow for your lower portion of the bicep take on all V work which is quite a good exercise targeting the lower portion of the bicep is quite a difficult thing to do so I 100% recommend I’m gonna say it giving it a go so boom there you go these are my top three favorite exercises for training the biceps I hope you guys enjoyed I’m gonna fry back to the studio now wait wait one last thing before you go my full personal program many more up on my website right now be sure to head over to www.hsn with me but you will also have access to my private Instagram our Lowe’s more videos for you guys to check out start today not tomorrow [Music]


#mundomusculosrutinas Build Bigger Biceps

#mundomusculosrutinas Build Bigger Biceps


Biceps Workout At Home | How to build bigger Biceps| Stay Fit

We can build biceps at home.. By using a bag & 3-4 bricks we can build biceps..

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NowAdays gyms are closed .. but my friends if u wanna stay fit at home then work for it..
hammer curl
bicep curl
inward pushups
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Building Massive Biceps: Arms Hypertrophy Guide

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In my first Hypertrophy training guide video, I go over the most optimal way to grow the biceps. I cover volume, intensity, exercises and exercise variation, frequency, and everything you need to know about building the biceps.


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What you Need to Know to Build Bigger Biceps

Here are a few simple things you need to know on how to build bigger biceps:
how’s it this i bought from the ipad project and with cooper for Miss Hawaii and today we’re going to talk right about the biceps yes the gunship but just to kind of go about it um today’s been really simple straightforward biceps when it comes to building bigger arms and everything that’s one of the questions like that many people get like oh like how do you build bigger arms I don’t want to say that I have the biggest arms or anything but you know every once a while people ask what would he do for arms are you know when so is they all give your flex you know the first thing people flex is gonna be the two guns and everything you know so this is I’m going to hammer it down and give you everything you need to know about how to build bigger biceps because who doesn’t want bigger guns right so first off it’s more of like a you know the best way to build bigger arms is to compound movements such as bent over rows pull-ups dumbbell rows you know those help out with building bigger arms engaging the time with the Bison especially I’ve even dead less will help out all those things will assist in growing the bigger muscles okay but for those of us who just like to get that pump feeling um this here’s exactly what you need to know all right so there’s basically three muscles within the biceps if I step son Louis is by but it’s kind of three alright so the first one is the biceps brachii that’s the that’s the promise of peak where people say okay then we have the brachialis okay which is the underbelly which is underneath the peak park then we have the breaky radialis okay which is this little this guy right there I kind of that one right there ok that’s the break you really abs all right so what’s the function of the bicep pouch on the bicep is simple flexes the arms okay that’s why i say flex by steps yes arms okay and also rotates your wrist so when you rotate the rest you can see the bicep moving up enough okay rotates supernate pony you can make pronate alright so how do we target different areas all right this depending on the angle or the position of our risk you all hit certain bicep heads differently okay we’re still gonna hit the whole head but we’ll put more stress on the certain area okay so if you’re holding this way alright we’re going to put more stress on to the peak muscles when we’re doing a curl or palms are up and putting more stress on to the peak which is though brachii all right now if you supinate here like semi supinator which is right here with small signal as the hammer curl we’re going to hit this part right there breaky radialis know this is probably my favorite area to hit especially when it comes to arm training um for dumbbell rolls you feel this a lot more working 24 bar girls and everything for a lot of rowing movements you’ll feel this guy working but for hammer curls you know I like this one because of if you’re wearing sleeves you know you can tell a guy who has strong arms or anything by that brachialis I don’t want to say I have the strongest arms or anything but it’s a good area to work up okay now if we work our way down to here with our wrists pronated palms pronated all right what’s that’s gonna work on is the brachialis okay which is the underbelly okay right down in there so if we go with the barbell here peak dumbbell holding it this way okay working on this area brachioradialis and then if we hope palms-down put in at this look easy bar curl working on the brachialis it’s good sorry I saw too many breaky ice breaking stuff okay anyways so get that a go alright so even when you’re doing a pull-up alright so I said calm Pablo is a part of the best way to build figure arms as well so if we think about a pull-up who holding here at the chin up all right palms facing you we’re going to the assistants going to come through the biceps right so either way you hold here here all that’s going to assist you in building bigger arms right so that’s everything you know so simple okay don’t make a stall confusing it’s just really straightforward alright hit your arms if you want to get bigger arms hang your arms go for I don’t care I choose more to do compound movements and that’s by the end of the workout if I serve time or if I’m just like you’re like pumping of my arms I’ll do it all right whenever you know people say oh you don’t train your arms you know what I’m going to do my arms above one so if you want to turn you over to gigabit five tips you go for it all right take it easy if any questions leave in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as it you


How to build biceps fast in less than 3 minutes | GET BIGGER BETTER STRONGER BICEPS WITH THESE TIPS

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what is up ladies and gentlemen Darius rig here aka ready for line aka the elite athlete and today we’re gonna be hitting 3 in my top exercises to focus on the long head of the bodacious biceps okay so a couple things to keep in mind as we’re going through this is one always and most importantly that mind-muscle connection to make sure we’re pushing everything through didn’t have blood flowing to where we should be focusing on all right and then second thing is today is gonna be mostly focused on volume for bicep striation and bicep strength alright we’re kind of stepping away from the size and we’re gonna go on those high repetitions at high volume because we really want to have those sexy define arms alright so without further ado let’s get cracking [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music]


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Russian Kettlebell Exercises for Biceps : Weightlifting & Building Strength

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Russian kettlebell exercises are a really great way to engage and tone your biceps, among other areas of your body. Do Russian kettlebell exercises for the biceps with help from a fitness professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Jason Mason
Bio: Jason Mason is on the board of directors for NEHRSA (New England Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association).
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

Series Description: Weightlifting is a great way to make sure that your body is ready for the physical stresses present in all walks of daily life. Learn about building muscles with weight exercises with help from a fitness professional in this free video series.
I doing my name is Jason Mason with the Beverly Athletic Club today I’ll be showing you an exercise using the kettlebells for the biceps so the bicep is right in the front of the arm here going from the elbow right up into the shoulder joint we have a couple of different ways to attack the exercise we can go with an asymmetrical bicep curl or we can go symmetrical so first I’m gonna start off with symmetrical we’re going to go with a supinated handprint hands and forward abs are in up nice and tall shoulders are back we’re going to curl right up squeezing the biceps and then fully extending out what I don’t want to see is just a half rep so that we get the full amount of contraction now if I want to challenge my abdominals a little bit more as well as give myself a different type of challenge we can just go one arm so now I want to make sure that I’m not leaning and engaging my core I’m going to just go one arm at a time get a few reps in here and then you can also do the same thing off to the other side supinated grip there are other grips to hit the other size of the biceps but we’re just going to go with a supinated grip for this one one of the other groups we’d use for the kettlebell bicep curl is a half pronated grip so it’s going to put our thumbs facing the ceiling and we’re going to go right up right down so we get a little bit more the brachioradialis side of it so same thing just up full extension all the way down full bicep curl there you go that is two different ways that you can use the kettlebells for a bicep curl thank you for watching